How to install apache spark in Windows 8?

At first you need to download spark library from apache spark website. The website is

Apache spark download
Apache Spark download for windows

After download, you will see the spark file like this.

To unzip the file, you need to have 7-zip exe. You can dowload it from

By using 7-zip you can easily unzip the files. After unzip, you need to go to command prompt. Go to the spark folder like this

spark folder command prompt
Apache Spark folder command prompt

picture of spark folder command prompt.

Then you need to write the command


The output will be like that

Apache Spark logo
Apache Spark logo

scala based prompt will be come up. You can read the using the programming. You need to write the following command.

val textFile = sc.textFile("")

To count the text file line number, you need to write the command


It will show the output which is 95.

To exit from scala library, you need to type the command


Then it will be in the command prompt.