How to install classroom object oriented language (cool) programming in your windows computer?

To install cool programming in your windows computer, you need to do following works:
1. Install virtual Box, download it from
2. Download compiler linux virtual machine image from It is about 750MB.
3. Unzip the compiler-vm file to a convenient folder. It takes about 2GB.
4. Run the compilers.vbox file (which is in blue color)

image absent

5. After that compiler virtual machine will be started using Oracle virtual machine.

6. Click on the setting and go to the shared folder tab.
setting virtual box

7. Add share folder, link the file to a folder which is already exist in a drive. If you did not create a folder for that, create the folder and navigate that to the folder.After that click okay button and go back to the panel.
image absent

8. Then click on the show icon.
image absent
It will start bodhi linux at the virtual box in your computer . You can follow this link for bodhi linux
bodhi screenshot in virtual box

9. Then run the commands from the terminal
mkdir assign1
cd assign1

10. By above command assign1 folder will be created and by change directory (cd ) command we will be in the assign1 folder.

image absent

11. Now, we should copy the following command from coursera compiler assignment file
and paste it.
make -f /usr/class/cs143/assignments/PA2J/Makefile

12. This command will make necessary file in your assign1 folder.
image absent
make necessary file in the assign1 folder

13. If you want to write a program called hello_world as usual another programming, run the following command

14. After that leafpad will open, you need paste the following code and save the file.
class Main inherits IO {
main() : Object {
out_string("Hello, world.\n")
} ;
} ;

image absent

15. By using coolc command you can easily compile the code and it will generate assembly code the for the cool file. After that you can see the output by running spim command.
spim hello_world.s

16. Atlast, we can see the output like this.

image absent

17. If you want to exchange the folder files to windows folder files you need to use this commands
mkdir –m 000 share
sudo mount -t vboxsf shared share

By using cd you will be in the root folder. Then use mkdir command to make the folder. Atlast you should use mount command first folder name shared is coming from the share folder list which we did in the step 7 and next share is the folder or directory which is created in the previous command.